DIY Boho Floral Nursery Mural

Hey guys. Do you remember the time when we had a new baby (like 2.5 weeks old new), we moved to a new house, and I just HAD to paint a mural in the nursery ASAP? I do. It was rough. 🤪

I'd been dreaming of a floral nursery for a while, and in my ideal world, I would've done one of those beauuuutiful floral mural wallpapers on one wall of the nursery. But, did you know they cost like $400+?! I just couldn't justify paying that for one wall - especially when there are SO many other things to buy for babies. So, I decided to paint my own!

(If you follow me on instagram, you'd know that I'd already painted a floral mural in our rental house, then decided to move right after baby came 😆... so this was my second round; I'd had a bit of practice already.)

If you're sitting there thinking "Yes, Lauren, we would allllll just paint our own murals... if we were artists!" I realize not everyone has an artistic background. But I'm 100% convinced that this mural could be done by anybody. Even if there isn't an artistic bone in your body. Seriously.

This DIY mural cost a total of... about $15. That's it. (Disclaimer: I used paint I already had, and just had to buy one more colour and a sharpie pen! Score!) If you were starting from scratch, you could easily complete it for $75 or under.

Here are the supplies I used:

- eggshell wall paint (for background colour)

- paint samples from Lowe's in your mural colours (should be between $5-$8 per colour - and if you're doing a few colours, you'll have plenty of paint)

- paintbrush

- Sharpie paint pen

The first thing I did was tape off the edges of the wall. I didn't want any colours spilling over onto the other walls or the ceiling. Trust me - this step is worth the time.

Next, I painted two coats of white eggshell paint on the wall to have a blank slate. Oh wait - maybe Paul painted it? This time in our lives was a blur, guys. 😂

After the base coat was dry, it was time to start the mural! Yay! I had planned out the shapes I wanted to turn into flowers on a small sheet of watercolour paper. I just wanted to make sure the colours and shapes looked good together. Even if you are an artist, I strongly recommend practicing drawing your flowers beforehand. Do a bunch of practice flowers, figuring out which variations you like best. Look up tutorials of "line drawn flowers" online, and practice along with the tutorials! Then, get comfortable using those shapes over and over. My method for the mural was to pick about 5 or 6 different flowers/leaves and repeat them throughout the wall. I painted the shapes pretty loosely, in solid colours, then added detail with a sharpie pen. When put together, it has the look of wallpaper (without the cost!) If you're intimidated by this - I get it. But just start practicing. Doodle on paper with a pen, and slowly build your confidence. If you can draw it on paper, you can draw it on a wall!

When I painted the colours on the wall, I didn't worry too much about making sure the colour was solid with one coat. The colours I used were pigmented enough that they looked opaque, and didn't require a second coat.

Once the flowers were dry (let's be honest - it took me a few days to paint them, because I had a 6 week old baby 😆) I tried out my sharpie pen! I was hesitant to use it, because I didn't know how it would work on the wall... but there was only one way to find out! I started with a spot behind the crib so that it wouldn't be too obvious if it was horrible. But! It was amaaaaazing!!! I highly recommend using a Sharpie Paint Pen for murals - it went on SO smoothly, and was SO MUCH easier than trying to maneuver a paintbrush on the wall. To put this into perspective - the last time I did the mural, it took about 3 hours to paint the outlines on the flowers. This time, it took MAX 45 minutes!!! What!!!

So here is the finished product. A $15 DIY mural, for a very special baby.

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