Fall Faux Floral Bouquet

Have you ever wanted to decorate your home for fall, but:

a) didn't want your house overflowing with oranges and reds, and...

b) didn't want something that will eventually get mouldy and die? (pumpkins, I'm looking at you)

Well, me too! I'm a sucker for everything fall themed (especially anything pumpkin flavoured, obvi) but I'm not a huge fan of the typical fall colour scheme. I AM, however, a big fan of rich jewel tones (with lots of pinks and greens mixed in) and anything floral. Cause it's FLORAL, guys.

I wanted to create a multipurpose decoration to bring some seasonal colours into my home, but that I could still re-purpose sometime down the road (and don't you worry, I'll show you what I make out of these next time!).

And honestly, I think these faux florals look pretty dang good.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

- at least 3 big blooms (I used 6, but you could make do with 3!) I went for garden roses, peonies, a protea and a soft pink sunflower!

- a few (3-5ish) smaller/filler flowers

- greenery (I had 4 total, 2 different types)

- a mason jar

- an elastic

- a roll of wired jute twine

6 big blooms. Try for some variation of colour, but keep it in the same family.

My smaller filler flowers. Try out some different shapes than your bigger blooms to add some variety.

The greenery. I went with a couple kinds of eucalyptus, because DUH. It's so pretty!

Mason jar (or your fave vase), elastic, and wired jute twine.

Start with 3 of the biggest flowers, and arrange them in your hand. Try for odd numbers to make things more aesthetically pleasing. Arrange the 3 so they are facing different directions to give each angle a pretty view.

Next, add in your greenery. I put some in the middle, and added a few around the sides. Don't be afraid to get handsy with your florals - the great thing about faux is that they BEND, and you can arrange them however you like!

Begin adding in your filler flowers (or more big blooms) around the already arranged stems. Try to vary your colours, so that the same colours aren't right next to each other. Create some interest with some stems leaning out to the side, some poking out the top - essentially, asymmetry is key! (Unless you're the type that likes things neat. In that case, keep them neat).

Fiddle with your stems until you have a look that you love. It may take a few tries to arrange them in a way that looks good from all angles. Keep turning it, checking it out, and imagining how it will look on your insta story (or is that just me?)

Once you're happy with your bouquet from all angles, secure it with a super fancy elastic (the ones from broccoli are my fave).

Next, cover up your elastic with that wired jute twine. Loop it under itself to secure.

Next, place your finished bouquet in your mason jar, and admire your work!

"Seriously, that's it?!"

That's what you're thinking, isn't it? I know! How could something so pretty be SO simple!

Now you're all set for your fall photo shoot! Or, your side table just got a whole lot fancier.

Thanks for joining me on our first DIY adventure! I'll be posting many more crafty tutorials here, and together, I think we'll make the world a more beautiful place!



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