Hand Lettered DIY Wooden Sign

You know those cute, rustic, hand-lettered wooden signs you see everywhere? Have you ever thought about making your own, but then thought it was too difficult or there must be some special trick to it?

I've thought that too. So I tried it. And guess what? I did it! There was no special trick. And I know you could do it too!

I started by finding a punny coffee-related quote that I saw on Pinterest (because why would I start with anything else?) Make sure your phrase is something that will either: a) make you giggle every time you read it, or b) bring tears to your eyes cause it's so darn sentimental. Or just, you know, something you'd like displayed in your house. You do you.

I rounded up some supplies (most of which I already had in my house, because I'm a craft supply hoarder like that... no biggie).

I actually went to the dollar store to find one of these wooden art boards... couldn't find it, so got something else... then came home and found a new one in my craft cupboard. True story.

Here is what you'll need:

- art board (I got this one from Dollarama for $3!)

- white acrylic paint

- paintbrushes (preferably a larger one and some smaller ones, depending on the detail you want to add)

- sharpie

- pencil & eraser

- colourful paint (could be acrylic, but I used gouache because that's what I had!)

- clear gloss sealer

Start by covering your work space in something that can get paint on it. I'm using this fancy foam board covered in contact paper, which also serves as my photo backdrop. SO fancy, right?! Make sure what ever you paint on is washable. Your significant other/family members will thank you.

Squeeze out a bunch of white acrylic paint on your wooden board and spread it allllll around. Make sure it's all covered, including the sides.

Let it dry. (Hardest part of the project, by far.)

Once it's dry, give it a second coat. Let that one dry, too.

Next, use your pencil to sketch a rough outline of where you want the words to be. If you want a lil decal on the bottom, sketch that too. (I like to look up different styles of typography on Pinterest, and just try to copy it It'll inevitably become your own style, but it's fun to be inspired by others' creativity! Same goes for floral designs.)

Once you're happy with your design, start filling it in with your sharpie!

*** full disclosure - sharpies were not the best tool for this job. I used 5 or 6 different sharpies to get the job done, and it was a challenge! I'd recommend trying it with a paint pen (oil based) for a smoother application. Otherwise, you can do it with a sharpie, it just might take some patience!) ***

Once you're happy with your writing, start painting in your florals!

I like to paint the colour on my flowers first, then outline them after with black. But again, you do you!

Is my paint palette a leftover plate from one of my bridal showers? Why yes, it is!

Let your flowers dry. Then, add the outlines (if that's your style!)

And there she is! Your punny coffee sign, just waiting to be artistically placed by all your coffee mugs to improve your shelfie game.

If you're like me, you would never need any more incentive to spend time near your coffee station... but why not make it prettier?!

And that's it for this time! Happy crafting!



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