Do you think our world could use more love, joy, creativity, and compassion? I sure do! 

So, I set out to create a guided journal which led its reader on a journey to cultivate more Self-Compassion. You might be wondering... what is Self-Compassion, and why do I need it? 

Self-Compassion is the practice of offering yourself grace, forgiveness, and kindness in all circumstances, much like you would treat a good friend. It isn’t dependant on your achievements, your social status, or your abilities. It is learning to acknowledge where you are at emotionally, knowing you’re not alone in your struggle, and treating yourself with kindness and care. 

If if you are someone who struggles with a critical inner voice, or who encourages and cares for others but have a difficult time caring for yourself, then Self-Compassion may be helpful for you! 

Loving Thy Selfie Ebook

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